Let’s face it; most hardcore gamers are oblivious of the fact that their health deteriorates as they spend countless hours in front of screens indoors playing video games. They treat everything else as second. And with over 40 million hardcore gamers worldwide, it has raised concerns.

However, playing video games does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. The excitement it brings while still bringing people together is priceless — hardcore gamers who spend thousands of hours playing need to keep fit and remain energized throughout their daily gaming activities.

Therefore, below are simple, actionable tips on the best ways to stay healthy as a hardcore gamer:

Stay Hydrated

The importance of water cannot be over-emphasized for anyone, and as a gamer, your body is in constant brain activity, and that’s made possible by the presence of water in your body.

Therefore, consuming water on a regular basis keeps you alert and vibrant.

It also reduces the amount of acid pilling up in your body.

How much water do you need to take? Well that depends, the recommended number is usually 5-8 regular cups a day.

Other stimulating beverages like coffee and soda are good BUT in limited amounts, just make sure the water quantity is higher than the amount of coffee or soda you drink, and you’ll be okay.

Eat Healthy Food

Apart from online workers, hardcore gamers are also on the list of people who spend hours sited and glued to screens indoors all day. Most times they don’t even realize they’ve skipped a meal or they haven’t had a decent meal in ages.

The body uses up a large amount of calories when the brain is engaged in activities such as gaming. Therefore, the right diet is essential to maintain a stable body and health.

The is no specific amount of fats or curbs gamers should take because the truth is, they don’t have the time to worry about such things. Therefore, consuming moderate amounts of fats in meals is healthy and energizing for gamers.

However, excessive sugar intake, over time, has become the elephant in the room. Most times gamers prefer fast foods and snacks that require little to no effort and time to prepare. These contain all sorts of artificial sugars which are deadly especially if not coupled up with a fiber-based diet.

Increased sugar levels are a significant contributor to obesity and diabetes among gamers, and therefore the better-preferred substitute is fruits which are fiber-rich and have better sugar enriched with fiber.

Protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and other essentials are all found in food. Make sure you incorporate them in your meals, and you’ll be active and vibrant.

In some way, it will contribute to you winning.

Take Breaks at intervals

The number one reason most hardcore gamers fail to reach their desired targets is fatigue. There is so much the body can take before it breaks down.

During the day learn to take short breaks after a couple of hours playing helps you rejuvenate.

If by any chance you’ve managed to pull an all-night gaming experience it is healthy that you take a nap, even if it’s a short power nap of about an hour and you are good to go.

Other activities you can engage in during the breaks include
>Taking a walk
>Grabbing something to eat
>Take a hot/cold shower
>Catch up with everything going on in the world

Skip the Junk Food

Junk in many ways contributes to over 30% of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and so on and hardcore gamers are no exception.

Junk simply means a lot of unnecessary sugar and other artificial additives which are harmful to our bodies. Their simple, ready-to-eat nature lures most gamers. In the long-run, they suffer.

Eating actual food goes a long way in maintaining your body balance, not to mention the nutrients we get from food that we cannot get in junk. Eating the occasional fruit or salad will do you a whole lot of good.


As much as it’s hard for most gamers this is a key component in maintaining a healthy shape.

Most recommend a good, engaging form of exercise, but that limits the number of people likely to do it, here’s why;
>Most hardcore gamers do not engage in outdoor activities even those they like, it’s something they dread.

Going out and doing something you at least like or are interested in will keep you healthy as your body stretches and finds stability. Vitamin D is also good for the body, especially in the morning hours. Take that long or short walk regularly, and your body will thank you in future.

Stretch Every 15 minutes

This is especially true because most hardcore gamers are always shacked-up and cozy sited, and rarely get to stand and stretch.

If you are still not convinced? Here are some health benefits associated with stretching;
-Improves blood flow in your body
-Great for stress relief
-Calms your mind
-Increases flexibility
-Improve your posture

Keep Social Circles

Hardcore gamers rarely have time to socialize which is vital to their health. Going out and having fun with friends and family is both rejuvenating and healthy.

Bottom Line

Keeping fit and healthy is not easy, but it’s good for our bodies especially for hardcore gamers. You want to keep playing undisturbed by health issues. Practice these tips and thank me later!