PC gaming is considered an old-school classic among many users. Before the invention of the high-tech gaming devices, people generally enjoyed their PC’s for gaming.

However, some games could not play on these computers then because of limiting factors such as;
>Small Disc Space
> Low-quality graphics
>Over-working the motherboard

Today, however, we are spoilt for choice, and gamers are blessed with advanced systems and consoles with to play their games. Everyone from beginners to seasoned gamers can easily comprehend the basics of gaming.

Beginners quickly grasp the ropes on how to operate a PC. However, there are those who take more time and assistance. Below is a list of components to help you learn the basics on PC gaming for Beginners;


Also popularly referred to as the mainboard this is where almost every component of your gaming experience is located. From the CPU, video cards and memory.

Having the right motherboard is key in computer gaming as it accommodates the slots for memory cards, in case of a sizeable game.

Also, in case of multiple graphics cards are required for a particular game, make sure your motherboard supports multi-graphics card configuration.


Its full name is the Central Processing Unit. A critical component which relays commands from various applications in the PC,

Currently, there are a number of processors to choose from: dual core, hexa core, and quad core. However, the quad and hexa core is the most advisable for gaming as they operate at high performance.

Speed is everything when CPU is involved, and for a good gaming experience, you can try processors with speeds from 3GHz and 4GHz.

Graphics Card

This is the real deal when it comes to PC gaming. Today there are various models to choose from depending on the cost.

The best games are judged by their graphics.

For a new entry, players look for graphics cards that range from GDDR3 Video RAM to GDDR5. Make sure it also supports DirectX 11.


Commonly known a Random Access Memory (RAM)

As the name suggests, this component is used for storing anything on the computer while it is on. It provides space where data can be accessed easily by the CPU.

There are different memory sizes; modern PC’s generally range from 4GB to 48GB. However, it is important to consider the computer speed. Make sure your motherboard supports higher speeds when going for large memory.

Hard Drive

Ever heard of a spinning disc made up of magnetic material? Well, here it is. A hard drive mostly acts as a storage for the Operating system, applications, and data when the PC is powered down.

Terms such as SSD and RPM are often associated with it. These initials stand for solid state drive because of its ability to function even as you carry your machine. RPM refers to rotations per minute. The faster, the better. Most machines do around 7200 RPM.

Good Hard drives are usually expensive, but they are worth every cent as games function better when a PC has an excellent drive.

Windows 10

Microsoft’s latest invention is pure gold, especially to gamers. The levels at which the OS on this machine operates are high and installing games has never been easier.

Before you get to play the games make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date. Also, check to see if you have the latest Windows 10 upgrade.

With that, you are ready to go. You can choose to install apps where you can get the latest games, or you can go for pre-bought games, like from Amazon.


Looking to set up a new rig? Steam has you covered. Steam is a popular go-to for gamers. It has grown over the years since its conception in 2003. You must keep an eye on places such Gaming Guide Tips and Reddit if you want to save money as a PC gamer in the long run.

If you are seriously into gaming, you should join their ever-growing gaming community and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Pre-Built Desktop PC

For hardcore gamers there exist two options when buying a machine, it’s either pre-built or custom built.

The former is preferred because these type of PC’s are built for high-level performance. They generally contain high-end hardware that is good for gaming. Things like high-resolution definition and smoother frame rates characterize it.

Great for all levels, from beginners to experts anyone can easily use this type of machine.