A bit about my life journey so far…

I guess you can say I am a miracle, as I was born with severe health problems, but I overcame my health problems by exercising with a healthy diet plan. Whew! Glad I made it through that!

Then at the age of 6, I lost my mom (she was only 34 years old!) to cancer. I miss her everyday but believe with all my heart she watches over me and is with me guiding me through and celebrating with me in my life.

As a teenager, I was introduced to the world of gaming
when I started playing different types of games to enjoy and relieve myself from my horrible memory. That’s why I created Teresamorrow.com to encourage people to play more video games and stay healthy at the same time.

11 Things I am Grateful for:
~Knowing love (from myself and others)
~Spending time with the love of my life
~Being able to enjoy video games
~Our quaint house
~My reliable car
~Delicious food
~The local park just 5 mins away
~Laughter (without it I would go crazy!)
~My love of writing
~Devoted friends
~Workout and Meditation

I could go on and on…
P.S. Gratitude is one of the easiest and quickest ways to turn around a bad mood.