I used to keep giving myself excuses not to work out and eat healthy that led me to an unhealthy lifestyle while playing games, and I did not stop until I had to see a doctor and take medication every day. That’s why you should be going to a gym if there is one near your house. Even there is no gym nearby your house, you could always train yourself just at home using simple bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, squats, lunges, etc.

Did you get my point? As a gamer, you have the responsibility to take care of yourself which means you’ll need to eat healthily and work out every single day even if you’re excited to play your favorite games.

If you’re serious about your health, you must listen to my advice and start working out right now whether you’re at your home or gym.

Looking forward to seeing you again with good news! Hopefully, you will listen to my advice and get started before you become an unhealthy gamer!